ESL Australia announce the Oceanic Rocket League Championship

Ben Scott
July 29, 2020

ESL Australia has today announced their return to Rocket League by announcing the ESL Oceanic Rocket League Championship, a new online tournament boasting a whopping $225,000 USD prize pool.

Rocket League in Australia has been very quiet at a top level since the closure of the last Rocket League Championship Series, which LetsPlay.Live hosted for Oceania last year. With that being said, ESL Australia has had little to no involvement with the title for almost two years now, but it’s clear that the title now has a home with Australasia’s top tournament organiser. 

Ben Green, Publisher Development Manager at ESL Australia, spoke about Rocket League as a title in the esports space and how ESL Australia is combating the stagnating entertainment industry by moving tournaments online. 

“Rocket League ​has always been a leader in the esports space, so the opportunity for us at ESL to partner with Psyonix here in the Oceanic region was something we jumped on. As the future of sport turns towards online platforms, we will look to deliver the evolution of digital competition, starting with the ​ESL Rocket League Oceanic Championship.​” - Ben Green, Publisher Development Manager at ESL Australia.

The ESL Oceanic Rocket League Championship is set to be played over three individual stages up until April of next year. Each stage will have $75,000 USD up for grabs for the top eight teams, whilst also offering points that go towards qualification into the Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) X Majors and Rocket League World Championship. 

With Epic Games recently acquiring Psyonix, which of course entails Rocket League, it’s clear that they have big plans to support the title as an esport for the foreseeable future. Given that Epic Games has shown massive support to their esports community in Fortnite over the past few years, Rocket League fans have a lot to be excited about with their evergrowing esports community.

Players who think they have what it takes to come out on top will have the chance to compete in the competition as early as next week. If you think you have what it takes, be sure to check out ESL Play to sign up. 

You can stay connected with the progress of this event by connecting with ESL Australia on Twitter.