Esports High Performance Centre at Eden Park announced for New Zealand

Ben Scott
July 20, 2020

In 2017, the sports and esports investment and advisory firm, Guinevere Capital, established the Esports High Performance Centre (EHPC) at the Sydney Cricket Ground. Yesterday, the firm announced plans to construct a new facility at Eden Park in Auckland, New Zealand later this year. 

Eden Park is considered the home of the iconic All Blacks rugby team, and has hosted a wide variety of high-profile events including two Rugby World Cup Finals. Almost 117 years on it’s getting an upgrade with a huge crossover into the esports and gaming industry. 

In a statement released by EHPC, they said the venue is set to become the centre of esports development in New Zealand. The sprawling, cutting-edge, high-performance facility will act as a hub for the Oceanic esports community and will become a training centre for the next generation of esports stars. 

Eden Park in Auckland, New Zealand (Source: NZ Herald)

EHPC have also stated that the facilities will act as a base for New Zealand’s fighting game community, Standing Fierce, where they can host weekly leagues for their community to help improve their gameplay and enjoy a full esports experience. 

Within the venue, we are expecting to see streaming practice rooms for teams to scrim, and a broadcast area for live matches and commentary. We also expect to see LAN areas for large scale events, equipped with 5G and fibre capabilities. They have also stated these facilities will cater to the needs of local and visiting content creators. 

Eden Park’s CEO, Nick Sautner, spoke about the stadium’s new initiative and its rich history within New Zealand. 

New Zealand’s national stadium is iconic and at the centre of many special memories for both Kiwis and tourists around the world. The Esports High Performance Centre will showcase Eden Park’s ongoing ability to diversify, evolve, and be at the forefront of new technology.”

David Douglas, Community Manager at Standing Fierce, spoke about the New Zealand esports industry and how the new facility will have a significant impact on the growth of the region. 


The Kiwi esports scene is an extremely passionate and vibrant one, and seeing our industry and community establish a new base in the home of New Zealand sport alongside titans of national culture such as the All Blacks and BLACKCAPS, is really exciting for us.”


“The grassroots community in New Zealand has enormous potential, and having a venue like this allows pro players to train, as well as nurture and support local talent and fans. We can also hold events, network, and exchange ideas here, which will be hugely beneficial for the Oceanic scene.”


David Harris, Managing Director of Guinevere Capital, gave some words on their latest reveal by stating “the Eden Park Esports High Performance Centre will be a melting pot of the ANZ esports and gaming communities. We can develop our esports science and training philosophies here, and provide the infrastructure for players and streamers to hone their craft and build their brands.”


“While esports is a hugely modern industry with a new breed of athlete, setting up a facility like this in Eden Park, which holds immense legacy and cultural significance, feels fitting. Esports is going to be a huge part of New Zealand’s future, and we’re proud to be involved.”

N8 Esports at Sydney Cricket Ground's EHPC (Source: Daily Telegraph)


If the EHPC at the Sydney Cricket Ground is anything to go by, the Eden Park facility will have a massive impact on the New Zealand esports industry. This news is potentially one of the biggest announcements to come out of New Zealand’s esport industry in quite some time. 

If you wish to stay connected with the progress of this announcement, be sure to connect with the Esports High Performance Centre (EHPC) via Twitter.