CouchWarriors League Announced

Freddie Tresidder
March 16, 2020

After a monumental 2019, the leading Australian FGC organizer CouchWarriors, has announced a nationwide league for their games, titled the CouchWarriors League (CWL). By linking together their existing monthly events and online competitions, the CWL aims to reward consistent players with the top player earning flights and entry for the 2020 edition of BAM, Australasia’s biggest fighting gaming event.

The CWL has four key regions where local events will provide ‘offline’ points for competitors across Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane. This is building on the success of local events CouchWarriors has run to date, with their ranking battle events seeing an average attendance of 150 players per month.

President of CouchWarriors - Cailan Kingsbury - BAM 11
Steve Andreou

For the first CWL season, players will be able compete in Street Fighter V, TEKKEN 7, Super Smash Bro Ultimate, and Super Smash Bros Melee. Throughout the online and offline events, the CWL’s central league ladder will provide a base for fans to track their favourite players’ progress towards the grand prize at CouchWarriors official website.

All of the offline events in the CWL will be streamed live on Twitch, and you can see the Season 1 schedule below:

Season 1  Event period - January to end April, 2020

Monthly Ranbat Schedule:

1st Saturday: Brisbane

3rd Saturday: Melbourne FGC

3rd Sunday: Adelaide

4th Saturday: Melbourne Smash

4th Sunday: Sydney (Smash)

The CWL will also retroactively apply points from previous events in 2020, so those who’ve won in January and February won’t miss out having their achievements recognised.
See here for the full list of points awarded for placements.

Season 2 of the CWL will follow after BAM12, with expectations of the competition running from June through to November, leading into CouchWarriors Crossup in December.

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