Counter Strike Power Rankings, April 8th

Alex Cascio
April 8, 2020

This edition of Counter Strike Power Rankings shows Avant continuing their red-hot results which has seen them snag 2nd place on the rankings from brewing rival, ORDER.
ESL AUNZ Season 10 wraps up with the LPL Pro League Season 4 entering their semi-finals this coming weekend.
Lastly, a very warm welcome to Former-Renegade Ollie “DickStacy” Tierney, our newest panelist. The King Dick is thick, pumped and ready to go in head first and show us what he has got.

Our Counter-Strike: Global Offensive panelists are:

Renegades (-)

“It's business as usual for the Renegades boys. There's been no games for them as of late, but their number one spot will remain uncontested unless a much clearer number 2 emerges, and that has been a particularly close battle. With CS on a bit of a hiatus due to LANs being cancelled, it may be a little while before Renegades play again, but hopefully we will see them sooner rather than later.”

- Tim “Brainstormcasts” Dunne

Recent Results:

  • 2-1 vs ORDER (ESL Rio Quals)
  • 2-1 vs Avant (ESL Rio Quals)
  • 2-0 vs catman (ESL Rio Quals)
  • 0-2 vs FaZe Clan (IEM Katowice 2020)

Active Roster: dexter, sico, INS, malta and Hatz

2. Avant (+1)

“Not bad, good size.
Avant have recently had solid results with a convincing win over ORDER in ESL AUNZ Grand Finals, but struggle to ever contend for the number 1 position. If they can replace the old blood on the team with young testosterone-filled fire power (Nettik/Juices/Jinxx/Boogeyman) and sterling can express his knowledge quickly and confidently then Avant can start making a deeper impact. Desh.”

- Ollie “DickStacy” Tierney

Recent Results:

  • 3-1 vs ORDER (ESL AUNZ Final)
  • 2-0 vs Airborne (ESL AUNZ)
  • 1-3 vs ORDER (MDL S33 Final)
  • 2-0 vs Rooster (MDL S33)

Active Roster: BL1TZ, HaZR, ap0c, ofnu and strerl1ng

3. ORDER (-1)

“A quote from Elfishguy on ORDER in the last edition of the rankings, ‘With ANZ Champs Finals on the horizon, there will be another opportunity to see the developing rivalry between Avant and ORDER go head to head, and the next edition of these rankings may look very different based on that result.’

Well, here we are – the remainder of the ANZ Champs series and finals have been played out, and Avant bested ORDER in the grand finals 3-1, securing a DreamHack Open invite and – barely – the 2nd spot in our rankings.
ORDER fall out of the top 2 of our Power Rankings for the first time in quite a while, after playing 2 series at the ANZ Champs finals – 2-1 over Ground Zero  and 1-3 vs Avant in the finals. ORDER are still right up there in contention for the second spot in the region, and it cannot be stressed enough just how close they and Avant are – but for now ORDER fall to 3rd.”

- Tim “Brainstormcasts” Dunne

Recent Results:

  • 1-3 vs Avant (ESL AUNZ Final)
  • 2-1 vs Ground Zero (ESL AUNZ)
  • 3-1 vs Avant (MDL S33 Final)
  • 2-0 vs Avant (MDL S33)

Active Roster: aliStair, Rickeh, USTILO, Valiance and J1rah

4. Chiefs ESC (-) 

“Chiefs are a very momentum-based team. They are young fraggers with good chemistry but need to go back to the drawing board and figure out a consistent fundamental way of playing. For example, watching some European demos and replicating their setups and reactions.
In times of pressure they tend to play not to lose instead of playing to win – like a deer in headlights sometimes. A knowledgeable coach would do them wonders.”

- Ollie “DickStacy” Tierney

Recent Results:

  • 1-2 vs Rooster (ESL AUNZ)
  • 2-1 vs Paradox (ESL AUNZ)
  • 0-2 vs Ground Zero (ESL AUNZ)
  • 2-0 vs I Sleep (ESL AUNZ)

Active Roster: Jinxx, stat, apocdud, SkulL and Mayker

5. Roosters (-)

“Venturing into the Top 5, a solid team with some old faces and some new up-and-comers, Rooster continues to shake up the region with consistently improving results. Aside from Chelleos & Ju1ces, who have both performed well on LAN, the real test for this team has been put on hold given the current COVID-19 situation. I hope the 5 stay together and keep putting up numbers and learn how to challenge the top 4 teams during this time, something they are yet to really do”.

- Mitch “ConkyOCE” Concanen

Recent Results:

  • 1-2 vs Ground Zero (ESL AUNZ)
  • 2-1 vs Vertex (LPL S4)
  • 2-1 vs Chiefs (ESL AUNZ)
  • 2-1 vs Eimi Fukada FC (ESL AUNZ)

Active Roster: chelleos, ju1ces, flaw, DannyG and nettik

6. Ground Zero Gaming (-) 

“Oh Ground Zero, my boys. When will the consistency stick. A team that can show up and bully the hell out of teams at times, but then slip when it seems to count. I can’t criticise too heavily, these guys have had to play an unreasonable amount of officials the last few months, with extremely long days. Cal (bURNRUOk) has done wonders with this roster, and whilst they’ve slipped out of the top 5 for the first time in a while, once they find their feet with Joel (PEARSS) I think they can do some serious damage again”

- Mitch “ConkyOCE” Concanen

Recent Results:

  • 1-2 vs ORDER (ESL AUNZ)
  • 3-2 vs Airborne (ESL AUNZ)
  • 2-1 vs Rooster (ESL AUNZ)
  • 1-2 vs Airborne (ESL AUNZ

Active Roster: bURNRUOk, PEARS, void, Llamas and Noobster

7. Paradox (-) 

“A decent end to all running leagues of play for Paradox showed glimpses of change. After the departure of “1ukey” there were some doubts held by the greater community if the change would pay off for a team that looked to finally hit its stride, but they’ve shown even without the the style of play we saw with their former IGL, they have the tools to compete with the best. Taking chiefs to a 3rd map in their exit from the ESL ANZ Champs, and getting a one up in the arm wrestle that is always the Airborne match up, it’ll be exciting to see what paradox will do in the off season, and how they’ll go about finding a new 5th.”

- Matthew “mattyB” Bowerman

Recent Results:

  • 0-2 vs I Sleep (LPL S4)
  • 2-1 vs Airborne (LPL S4)
  • 1-2 vs Chiefs (ESL AUNZ)
  • 2-0 vs Skyfire (ESL AUNZ)

Active Roster: urbz, ino, ekul, Teal and bedonka

8. Airborne (+1)

“After their unfortunate early exit from the LPL Pro circuit, there were some doubts on what we would see from Airborne heading into the ESL ANZ champs finals. But after a couple of back and forth series Vs Ground Zero to solidify the finals bracket, they once again impressed on their ability to challenge some of the region’s better teams.

An unfortunately lackluster performance versus AVANT put a dampener on what otherwise was a very good showing from the lineup, taking out 4th place and giving us a glimpse at what life is like with the addition of “BRACE” to the roster.”

- Matthew “mattyB” Bowerman

Recent Results:

  • 0-2 vs Avant (ESL AUNZ)
  • 2-3 vs Ground Zero (ESL AUNZ)
  • 2-1 vs Ground Zero (ESL AUNZ)
  • 1-2 vs Paradox (LPL S4)

Active Roster: pz, smooth_crim, JD, BRACE and swede

9. I Sleep (-1) 

I Sleep have only had 2 matches since the last installment of these rankings. Both of these best of three's for the LPL Pro League resulted in I Sleep winning 2-0 against the Shidiots and Paradox. A good test in my eyes will be how they stack up against VERTEX in their upcoming match to see if they will face Rooster in the Grand Final. This could set I Sleep up for a collection of wins in a row, hopefully blossoming into the start of continued success.

- Dion “Komodo” Pirotta

Recent Results:

  • 2-0 vs Paradox (LPL S4)
  • 2-0 vs Shidiots (LPL S4)
  • 1-2 vs Eimi Fukada FC (ESL AUNZ) 
  • 0-2 vs Chiefs (ESL AUNZ)

Active Roster: Moey, Noisia, tot, ferg and Dirty

10. Vertex (new)

“Vertex peek their heads into the Rankings with the current shake-up of teams in the region. In beating Airborne 2-1, I Sleep 2-0 and then losing to Rooster 2-1 (with some very close maps I might add) in the LPL Pro League, this mix of sharp players could look to rematch Rooster in the Grand Final if they can beat I Sleep once again. The team is still quite new, and have a bit more time to really settle in what style of play will work for them, but I do believe if they keep practicing, and actually aim to become a top team, that we will see more of them.”

- Dion “Komodo” Pirotta

Recent Results:

  • 1-2 vs Roosters (LPL S4)
  • 2-0 vs I Sleep (LPL S4)

Active Roster: soju_j, willyKS, toM, tensai and Vexite

Don’t agree with our power rankings? Let us know where you would place the teams.


  • Photos by HLTV / StarLadder Berlin Minor