Counter Strike Power Rankings, September 20th

Ben Scott
September 20, 2019

We are excited to present our second title to our power rankings, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. We hope to build a strong and reliable source that teams and fans from around the Australasian Counter-Strike community can enjoy. 

We have collected five of this regions top talent that are in and around both professional and intermediate levels of Counter-Strike to create a strong judgement system for our power rankings. We plan on continuing to grow this system and take in feedback from the community, so we are able to create a platform that everyone can get behind.

Our Counter-Strike panelists are the following:

Without further ado, here are our first official Counter-Strike: Global Offensive power rankings.

1.) Grayhound

“Given Grayhound Gaming’s performance at the Major and all the events leading up to it, there is no question that they are the best in this region right now. Despite being neck and neck with ORDER Army back in 2018, the team has found strong strides this year. Every single event, the hounds have looked better and better and I’m really hoping they can continue this with the new addition of INS. Given their recent results at the DH Malmo qualifier and stand-out performance by INS, I'm sure we will see a lot more of Grayhound to round out this year”

- Mitch “Conky” Concanen

2.) The Chiefs

“For me, The Chiefs are undoubtedly in second place right now. With a history of high caliber players and strong results offline, it’s a given to be placing them at second. It was only recently that their seven domestic LAN hot streak was toppled, thanks to Genuine Gaming and Order. It will be interesting to see how they shape up against all the teams transitioning through roster changes as we start to get a taste of more events.”

- Robert “Manic” Munday

3.) Order Army

“Given that this team is a long established squad with a history of consistent results both online and offline, it puts them above the rest. Although with recent results, we could see this team slipping down the ranks if they continue to fall to the likes of Genuine Gaming and Avant. Until we see more games from this team, it’s not known if the roster changes will play out in their favour.”

- Mitch “Pili” Pilipowski

4.) Avant Gaming

“After hitting the ground running for the Asia Minor, Avant drew a lot of attention in the domestic scene. Since returning to Australia they have made an undefeated run through the ESL AUNZ Championship and will have their first national LAN together this weekend. This team has so much potential with the rapidly developing young talent and I'm personally excited to see where they can go together heading towards the end of the year."

- Geordie “Mac” McAleer

5.) Genuine Gaming

“I still cannot work these boys out, as they can beat teams like The Chiefs on LAN, but then they’ll crumble to teams a lot less experienced than them. With their recent results in the Dreamhack Malmo qualifier, we could see this roster edging closer to the top, but it really comes down to if they can prove that it wasn’t an off day for those they defeated.”

- Mitch “Conky” Concanen

6.) Ground Zero

“Ground Zero are competitive against the majority of the scene, but seem to struggle to find good results when against the top four. Their online results are starting to pick up, but those above them have still seemed to best them. If we see them become more consistent against those above them, we may see their placement rise.”

- Tim “Brainstorm” Dunne

7.) Paradox Gaming

“A dark horse. Kingfisher has improved dramatically and seems to be able to put his star players like Noobstr and Keeyto into good spots where they can shine. Despite losing Valiance to Order, they have really picked up the slack by adding Llamas. I look forward to seeing what results they can deliver in the up-coming weeks.” 

- Mitch “Conky” Concanen

8.) MadLikeWizards

“We have seen so many different renditions of this roster over the past year or so. If this team were to put in the work, it could be so much better than what it is now. With star players like Chelleos and Ju1ces on board, it’s just a matter of time before we see them back into their old form. Hopefully we see more of this roster this year.”

- Mitch “Conky” Concanen

9.) SYF Gaming

“They had a great run with Zeph, after his departure from Order, but with Zeph now shipped off to Ground Zero; it’s back to being inconsistent for this roster. It’s great to see Ino playing at a top level, alongside amazing players such as Bedonka and ekul. But if we don’t see more from this roster soon, it’s likely they will slip out of our top ten.

- Mitch “Conky” Concanen

10.) Bizarre Gaming

“We could see so much more from this roster if they keep their cool and show respect to the higher caliber teams in our region. With spots in both AUNZ and MDL, there is potential for this team to grow if they put the work in.”

- Mitch “Conky” Concanen

Honourable Mentions by Conky

Monkey See, Monkey Do
"These guys almost took out the tenth spot, but I felt like given MadLikeWizards results over the last twelve months I had to keep them there out of courtesy. Also given that this team is new and only competing in LPL-P. Swede seems to have finally found people that aren't monkeying around, and is finding success with his banana loving brethren. Great to see Prodigy continue to play during his ban and continuing to improve."


"Following a strong start in the Mountain Dew League and defeating Genuine Gaming after their hot streak against top four teams, there is potential for this team to continue to shine alone. We need to see more from this team for them to enter the top ten and there is definitely a lot more for them to prove. Promising nonetheless."

We are looking to have power rankings become a common occurrence throughout the entirety of the Counter-Strike competitive season. With plenty of qualifiers and competitions coming up, we will be aiming to make it a fort-nightly occurrence.

Congratulations to all those teams that have placed within our rankings, we look forward to seeing how you progress. We also look forward to seeing if any new names pop up in our next round of rankings. Good luck to those competing!