CouchWarriors Announce Sydney and Adelaide Expansion

Alex Cascio
October 23, 2019

Local fighting game tournament organizer, CouchWarriors, has announced today that they will be expanding its presence to support more fighting game communities in and around the cities of Adelaide and Sydney. All of which follows the success of massive growth for the Fighting Game Community (FGC) ever since CouchWarriors expansion into Brisbane last year, with events averaging 160 attendees each month and over 450 players attending the launch of a new major called Sunny Side Up. 

Cailan Kingsbury, Vice President of CouchWarriors, said in a statement to us that “this has been in discussions since last year. After the success that followed the launch of CouchWarriors QLD, now was an accurate time that we could slowly but surely work into it. This announcement leading into Big Cheese 2 and CouchWarriors Crossup, both in December, sets a solid pace for exciting things we have in the works that we can’t disclose just yet. We’re looking to utilize our now extended outreach and national support.”

Above: Players and crowd atmosphere at Battle Arena Melbourne 11. (source)

CouchWarriors have also recently seen a massive growth in their yearly event, Battle Arena Melbourne (BAM), which saw over 1,500 unique competitors attend the Australasia’s biggest major for the FGC. Many of which also competed in the BAM Path To Evo League, where CouchWarriors sponsored three players to attend the largest fighting game tournament globally, EVO Las Vegas. 

Now with this expansion, tournament organizers based in both Sydney and Adelaide will have the opportunity to work alongside CouchWarriors to bring a winning formula to their monthly events and be able to add to the nationwide circuit of events. 

CouchWarriors Announce SA/NSW Monthly's:

CouchWarriors SA “Cheese League” Monthly Ranking Battle

  • When: Every third Sunday.
  • Where: Level 5, Union House, Adelaide Uni.
  • Next event: Sunday 17th November (registration).

CouchWarriors NSW “Star Forge”: Sydney Smash Monthly

  • When: Every fourth Sunday.
  • Where: 15 Broadway, Ultimo, NSW
  • Next event: Sunday 27th October (registration).


CouchWarriors Announce SA/NSW Majors:

Big Cheese 2: SA Major

  • When: December 7-8, 2019.
  • Where: Union House, Adelaide SA 5000.
  • Registration: click here.

Phantom 2020: Sydney Smash/Splatoon Major

  • When: March 7-8, 2020.
  • Where: UNSW Roundhouse Sydney, NSW.
  • Registration: click here.

All of these events will join BAM, Sunny Side Up, and the end of year event, CouchWarriors Crossup, which is set to be held on December 14th at Bayview on the Park. (details)

Established in 2006, CouchWarriors has been a leading not for profit tournament organisation here in Australasia for over 10 years and has hosted a magnitude of fighting game events for the community to enjoy. Expansions like this are only made possible thanks to the ever growing passion and drive of the volunteers behind the brand.

Stay connected with any updates about the up-coming expansions by checking out the CouchWarriors website.