Chiefs announce two year partnership with JLINGZ Esports

Ben Scott
November 11, 2021

Australasia's leading esports organisation, The Chiefs Esports Club, yesterday announced a two year strategic partnership with JLINGZ Esports - lead by Manchester United star, Jesse Lingard. The partnership will see global growth and expansion for both brands. 

In a statement provided by Jesse Lingard, he stated “I'm hugely excited for this partnership. Everyone knows I want to compete at the highest level in everything I’m involved in, and The Chiefs are perinneal winners in the esports space so joining forces was an amazing opportunity. We’re both dedicated to the development of our teams on the international scene which will allow us to connect to global audiences and fans, which for me, is really exciting.”

“We’re also committing to the development and creation of opportunities for young aspiring esports athletes at grassroots level. Together, we’ll be able to create and offer something previously not seen which we can all be proud of. It’s a really exciting time for both our organisations and I cannot wait to get started,” finished Lingard.

On top of global growth and expansion for both brands, the partnership will entail the sharing of knowledge, collaborative efforts across some existing partnerships, and the development of an international esports academy pathway for aspiring esports talent.

“This partnership will open global opportunities for both clubs that will enable us to authentically connect with international fans.” Nick Bobir, CEO of The Chiefs, said. “We are very excited to combine the expertise from esports and elite traditional sports. For us this is a step towards bridging the gap between the two regions, and creating more opportunities for teams, players, and brands.”

In their joint statement, they mention that the two brands will initially focus on partner collaborations and a mutual competitive title; Rainbow Six (R6). As it stands, Chiefs R6 have won three Oceanic National Championships in a row and have recently competed overseas in the Six Major. JLINGZ currently has a team competing in the UKIN Nationals Second Division for Rainbow Six: Siege.

You can keep up to date with either of the brands via their social links below.

The Chiefs Esports Club: Twitter and Facebook.
JLINGZ Esports: Twitter.


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Image source: UKIN