Carnage qualify for the WESG APAC Finals held in Malaysia

Ben Scott
December 1, 2019

Over the weekend female Counter-Strike: Global Offensive teams from around Australasia competed in the World Electronic Sports Games (WESG) qualifier, in hopes of cementing their spot in the finals held in Malaysia early next year. Hot favourites for the region, Carnage, have managed to come out on top after a flawless run through the qualifier. 

Carnage began their run in the upper bracket against a formidable opponent, Justice Esports, where the two sides battled it out on Inferno in a best of one set. Despite Carnage coming out on top and sending Justice to the lower bracket, credit can’t be taken away from Justice for putting up a solid result against the Carnage side.

Carnage vs Justice Esports (R1)

  • 16:11 - Inferno (Carnage)

Coming into the next round, Carnage found themselves up against ‘Year 12 Graduates(whitegurl and co.), who had just come out of a dominant 16:4 win against ‘Ninja Chicken Hot Rocks(jordyn and co.). Nonetheless, Carnage found themselves a spot in the grand final of the qualifier after some strong results on Vertigo and Train. 

Carnage vs Year 12 Graduates (R2)

  • 16:7 - Vertigo (Carnage)
  • 16:10 - Train (Carnage)

Despite sending Justice Esports to the lower bracket in the first round of the qualifier, Justice had managed to make a run through the lower bracket and find themselves in a rematch against Carnage for a spot at the finals in Malaysia; after a 16:2 win over Ninja Chick Hot Rocks and 2:0 over Year 12 Graduates.

Above: Hope of Carnage at WESG 2018 Finals (source)

Thanks to a flawless run through the upper bracket, Carnage were gifted a one map advantage over Justice Esports in the best of five grand final. Although it didn’t seem that it was even needed, as Carnage came out swinging and ended both maps in regulation time; not letting Justice touch double digits on either map. 

Carnage vs Justice Esports (GF)

  • 1:0 - Map Advantage (Carnage)
  • 16:6 - Inferno (Carnage)
  • 16:7 - Dust 2 (Carnage)

With their flawless run through the qualifier, Carnage have booked themselves a trip to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, where they will find themselves battling it out against Asia’s best on the 2nd of January.

We caught up with the team captain of Carnage, ARTeMis, earlier today to gauge her thoughts on the qualifier and reaction to qualifying for yet another overseas event. She went on to say “during the tournament, we started out fairly slow. We didn’t want to show too much of what we have been working on, so we stuck to defaulting. However we still made so many mistakes. It wasn’t until the grand finals that we kicked into second gear and started playing as a unit; still not showing too many strats.”

Above: ARTeMis of Carnage at IEM Sydney 2018 (source)

“Honestly I’m glad to be representing Australia in the APAC final. I believe we are coming in as the hot favourites, given our track record beating Asian teams at the last WESG and Katowice qualifiers,” continued ARTeMis.

“We are definitely hoping to bring that win back home to Australia, and prove ourselves once again on the international stage,” concluded ARTeMis. 

If you wish to stay connected with the Carnage Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team during their run at the APAC WESG Finals; be sure to connect with them on Twitter.