Canberra Havoc officially announce their partnership with Sennheiser Gaming

Ben Scott
December 10, 2019

Canberra Havoc today announce their exclusive headset partnership with Sennheiser Gaming - one of the world's leading headset manufacturers that is shaping the future of gaming headsets.

Canberra Havoc are a new esports brand in the Australasian esports space; having only established their social media presence in October of this year. They kicked off their debut in Rocket League with the lineup of Walcott, SPYDOGE and Le Duck - where the team went on to represent Havoc at the RLCS Regional Finals and later went on to qualify for the RLCS World Finals over The Chiefs Esports Club.

Jack Rees, Chief Executive Officer for Canberra Havoc, has said in a statement “this partnership allows both parties to leverage natural synergies. Sennheiser Gaming will benefit from increased exposure at esports events of the highest level, whilst Canberra Havoc will benefit from using audio products of the highest quality.”

“Canberra Havoc continues to grow organically and we are excited to continue that with our new found partner, Sennheiser Gaming. Sennheiser Gaming has developed a culture of continuous improvement, and we hope that our association will further develop this quality in our own company,” finished Jack.

News of this partnership follows Canberra Havoc’s successful run at the Rocket League Championship Series Regional Finals held in Auckland, New Zealand, where their team managed to overcome strong competition and successfully qualified for the RLCS World Finals

Canberra Havoc will debut the Sennheiser logo on their player jerseys this weekend, as they look to take on the RLCS World Finals in Madrid, Spain. 

Locally, Sennhesier Gaming are proud sponsors of local organisations Dark Sided and Corvidae - whilst now adding Canberra Havoc to their portfolio here in Australasia. 

You can stay connected with Canberra Havoc by following them on Twitter.