Black Sheep NZ and a variety of streamers help raise $100,000 for Starship

Ben Scott
July 9, 2020

Kicking off for the last week of June, Black Sheep NZ joined forces with the Starship Foundation to support their #KeepStarshipFlying program over a 100 hour streamathon live from the Black Sheep training facility. With the aim of raising $50,000 for the cause, the fundraiser had support from some of New Zealand’s biggest streamers on Twitch, including Quin69 and Broxh_.

The #KeepStarshipFlying campaign had all donations doubled by the Lindsay Foundation, meaning the fundraisers total raise stands at just over $95,000 (after the $48,000 that currently stands is doubled) adding to over $200,000 the Starship has already raised.

New Starship NZ Air Ambulance (Source: Starship)

The campaign is to fund the Starship Air Ambulance, which flies children from throughout New Zealand and the Pacific Islands to the country’s only fully equipped intensive care unit for kids, Starship Hospital based in Auckland Central.

Last year, the Air Ambulance made 194 trips from all corners of New Zealand, flying critically injured or sick children and their families to Auckland. The ambulance serves as a vital service to the children that need it most in New Zealand, and annually costs around $1.5 million to operate.

We caught up briefly with Freddie Tresidder from Black Sheep NZ who said that “working with Starship Foundation has been one of the most amazing experiences we’ve ever had as an organization. The hospital has played a vital part in the lives of so many people I know alone, that support them was a no-brainer.”

He alluded to this by adding “My own brother spent several of the first years of his life in Starship, and wouldn’t be hear without them. We’ve had a player in Black Sheep born there, and currently one of the Breakers is having ongoing treatment for their daughter there.” Finishing with “the doctors, nurses and staff working with the Foundation are the best in the world, and we couldn’t have been prouder to support them.”

The campaign wraps up on the 13th of July, so there’s still a few more days for the goal to be met. You can read more about the #KeepStarshipFlying campaign here, and make a donation to the campaign here.