Avant Gaming complete their 2020 OPL roster

Ben Scott
January 21, 2020

Avant Gaming last night officially announced their completed League of Legends team for this season of the Oceanic Pro League - featuring two returning players and three new players to the roster.

With the departure of Ryan “Chippys” Short, Park “Miru” Mi-reu and Ari “Shok” Grenne-Young to the Dire Wolves, Avant Gaming has set out on a mission to acquire a wide variety of players for their 2020 Oceanic Pro League season. 

Jyles Lulham, Creative Director for Avant Gaming, said in a statement to us "I'm really excited for our OPL 2020 roster and the campaign we have planned around it. This season is going to see a real shake up in talent, both in and out of the game, so it's really about who can adapt the quickest and prepare the best. We've got great players, all with their own stories to tell and we'll be aiming to showcase their journey this year as much as we possibly can.”

“I'm also glad to see teams like Legacy with a newly lit spark going into the season. When everyone's in it to win, it creates an exciting environment for rivalries, storylines and entertainment for fans. So I hope and encourage the teams who are a bit slow to start this year to really push the ceiling when the league starts.”

“My unpopular opinion is that this will be one of the best seasons of OPL we've seen,” concluded Jyles.

Avant Gaming Roster: 

  • Dragon “Dragku” Guo (Top)
  • Thomas “Leesa” Ma (Jungle)
  • Jesse “Chazz” Mahoney (Mid)
  • Vincent “Gunkrab” Lin (ADC)
  • Yao “Api” Jian-Jing (Support

Alongside this roster is their substitute ADC player, Violet, and Head Coach of the roster, Max. Although little is currently known about these two, there is no doubt we will soon find out more about them given Avant Gaming’s solid track record of quality content. 

Dragon "Dragku" Guo at OPL 2019 (Avant)

Filling the Top Lane is former Dire Wolves Academy player, Dragon “Dragku” Guo. Dragku was actually on Avant Gaming’s active roster during split two of last year following a competitive ruling over the teams Support player, Aladoric - who was later moved to substitute. Although Dragku has some experience in the Oceanic Pro League, he still has a lot more to prove come January 31st. 

Chinese born Jungler, Thomas “Leesa” Ma, has signed with Avant Gaming for this up-coming season of the Oceanic Pro League after competing for the past three years in the Oceanic Challenger Series. Despite an average final placement in last years Oceanic Challenger Series, he had placed third and first in the two seasons prior. 

Former Legacy Esports player, Jesse “Chazz” Mahoney has signed with Avant Gaming as their starting Mid Laner for 2020. Chazz is coming off the back of a rough 2019 with his former Legacy Esports teammates, but will no doubt be excited to have been given the opportunity for a fresh start on a new roster. 

Completing the roster in the bottom lane is returning Avant Gaming ADC, Vincent “Gunkrab” Lin and former Legacy Esports Support, Yao “Api” Jian-Jing. Api is a Chinese born Support, who previously competed in the Oceanic Challenger Series for Emprox and Legacy Genesis, before being moved to the Legacy Esports OPL active roster during Split 2 of 2019. 

Gunkrab is an electric young ADC player who will no doubt shine even brighter this year if he’s given the opportunity. 

Given that this roster is filled with plenty of young talent and a mixture of both Oceanic Challenger Series and Oceanic Pro League experience, there is definitely plenty of potential for upsets come January 31st - seeing as they could be very unpredictable. 

If you wish to stay connected with the progress of this roster, be sure to connect with Avant Gaming on Twitter.