Auscraft, Starcraft II event announced for Melbourne

Ben Scott
December 11, 2019

Auscraft, a newly established Starcraft II tournament, has today announced their plans to host a Starcraft II event in Melbourne, with a prize pool of $5,000 - featuring both local and international talent from around the Starcraft II competitive community. 

Michael Carmody, who leads the operations behind ce2pe, the production company behind Auscraft, stated in Auscraft’s official media release “the heart and soul of esports is birthed in the shared experiences we have playing games together. The origin of all of this is our love for the LAN event.”

“Through Auscraft and future events, we plan to just lean right back to the origins of what we all loved in the first place, being together in the same place for fun, games and talking smack about your opponent,” finished Michael.

Michael closed his statement by mentioning that this announcement comes as the first of many entertainment-focused, house-based events for other titles coming later this year.

Auscraft is set to kick off on January 10th, with three action packed days of competition live streamed across multiple Twitch channels - promising banter, embracing gaming and Australian culture. It is set to take place in what has been called ‘an exclusive gamer heaven’, located near one of Melbourne’s most iconic beaches in Rye. 

Sticking to their statement of “for the love of the LAN event”, they plan to combine the casual and social aspect of gaming into a professional gaming tournament, with hopes of highlighting the personalities of those players competing in the tournament.

Auscraft have also stated that viewers will be treated to a subscription system that will unlock additional content - allowing fans to support the content that directly appeals to them. 

More information on what talent will be attending this event will be posted on the social channels of Auscraft in the coming days.

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