Auscraft complete all player and talent announcements

Ben Scott
January 8, 2020

Auscraft, a Melbourne based Starcraft II tournament, has officially completed their player and talent announcements ahead of this weekends event - set to kick off on Friday and last the duration of the weekend.

Although the event clashes with other Starcraft II events in the global esports calendar, Auscraft has managed to lock in multiple international players and on-air talent for the event, alongside a wide variety of talented Australian players. 

International Players:

  • Joseph “Future” Stanish (USA)
  • Miguel “Vindicta” Marmolejo (USA)
  • Thomas “Blysk” Kopankiewicz (Singapore)

International Talent:

Future is an American based Terran player, who debuted in his first LAN back in January of 2016 - where he beat a wide variety of top players to make it to Round of 16 out of sixty players. He currently competes for Infinity Gaming and is ranked 38th in the world. 

Vindicta is also an American based Terran player, but competes for a team named Alpha X. Last year he competed at Cheesadelphia X, where he placed third against some of the best players in North America. Currently he is ranked 47th in the world. 

German born Protoss player, Blysk, is the fourth and final international player competing at Auscraft. Although he is born in Germany, Blysk resides in Singapore. In both 2017 and 2018, Blysk competed in the ANZ Pro League for Downfall Gaming - he then went on to compete in last years league under the SEA Outcasts banner. He currently holds the rank of 105th in the world.

Both RotterdaM and ZombieGrub are veteran on air-talent of the Starcraft II community, having casted and hosted multiple international events for the title. RotterdaM has a competitive history dating back well before 2012, although the date is unknown, but currently competes on a team called Team QLASH. Much like RotterdaM, ZombieGrub has a competitive history dating back to 2012, although her competitive career ended in August of 2014.

Australian Players:

  • Jack “Pezz” Perry
  • Jamie “Peppy” Austin
  • Sean “Probe” Kempen
  • Jackson “Chase” Calvi
  • Sheldon “Seither” Barrow
  • Ben “Crimson” Macdonald
  • Craig “Azure” MacKechnie
  • Noah “nOtoRioUsPiG” Krensel
  • Christopher “Chappy” Chapman

Probe, nOtoRioUsPiG, Azure and Peppy are all players signed to local esports organisation, Legacy - with Probe being a highlight player from the roster who is currently ranked 16th in the world, which makes him the highest ranked player at this event.

Pezz, Seither, Chase and Crimson all compete for local organisation, SYF Gaming. All of which have been competing in the local Starcraft II scene for quite sometime now. 

Late arrival to the competition, Chappy, has come in replace of Legacy’s “NZX”, who couldn’t attend the event. He currently competes for local organisation, Downfall Gaming

As stated in Auscraft’s official press release, they aim to host an event that showcases all of the attending players’ personalities, whilst also combining the casual and social aspect of gaming into a competitive tournament. You can expect to see these players battling it out to the best of their abilities come Friday, especially with $5,000 up for grabs.

If you wish to stay connected with the progress of the event, be sure to follow Auscraft on Twitter.