Athletico PUBG fall short of PGC 2019 Semifinals

Ben Scott
November 11, 2019

Athletico has just been hit by heartbreak, as they fall short in their final hurdle to secure a spot in the PUBG Global Championship Semifinals by a single point. 

Yesterday we reported that Vendetta had secured their spot in the semifinals after an impressive performance in their group stage, whilst Athletico found themselves having to compete in the elimination stage today. With that being said, it seems the bad run from yesterday had followed them into today, as they started off their do or die day with a disappointing first game placement of fifteenth. 

Athletico’s PUBG Roster:

Following a disappointing result in their first match, Athletico went on to place eighth and ninth in their next two matches, but accompanied these average placements with a total of eight kills. Coming into the second half of the day, Athletico needed to pull it together and secure a chicken dinner or otherwise have consistent top placements accompanied by high kill counts if they wanted to make the top eight. 

Above: Russell “Xtreme” Walters at GLL (Credit: João Ferreira)

Unfortunately heartbreak hit yet again, as they found themselves placing fifteenth in their fourth match of the day. It looked over for Athletico, but a strong fourth place finish in their second last match meant they only needed four points to secure top eight; ultimately making their final match of the elimination stage, do or die. 

With everything on the line, the proud Athletico side pushed themselves to their limits and showcased pure class on the server; ultimately finishing their final game in second place, with a total of six kills. But sadly once the points were added up, Athletico unfortunately had fallen short of a semifinal placement by a single point.

Athletico’s Elimination Stage:

  • Game One: 15th
  • Game Two: 8th
  • Game Three: 9th 
  • Game Four: 15th
  • Game Five: 4th
  • Game Six: 2nd

Total Kills: 23

There is no doubt that everyone's hearts go out to those at Athletico. Nonetheless, Australasia will still have representative competing in the next stage of the PUBG Global Championship, as Vendetta will be looking to showcase their talent to the world. 

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