ANZ Premier League launches three separate leagues

Ben Scott
December 11, 2019

ANZ Premier League, a newly established Playerunknown’s Battleground tournament platform, has today announced a tournament that will feature a whopping $10,000 AUD prize pool spread across three different leagues here in Australasia. 

Alongside the announcement of their leagues, they have also stated that there will be two confirmed seasons to follow season one - which will guarantee eight months of competitive play for teams, starting January 12th next year. 

Starting today and finishing on the 13th of December, players will be competing for a chance to play in three different leagues. Sixteen of the top teams will qualify straight into the Immortals League, which will feature a $8,000 AUD prize pool - the following sixteen teams will qualify into the Titan League, which will feature a $1,800 AUD prize pool. 

All remaining teams from the qualifier will be eligible to play in the Gladiator League, which will have a prize pool set at $200 AUD. 

Qualifier Information: click here

Tournament Breakdown:

  • Immortals League: Top 16 Teams
  • Titans League: Following 16 Teams
  • Gladiators League: Remaining Teams
  • $10,000 AUD Spread Prize Pool
  • Starts January 12th

Note: Each league will have an entry fee upon qualifying for said league. Currently it is priced at $125 for Immortals, $75 for Titans and $10 for Gladiators (per team).

Upon qualifying for your respected league, teams will compete in an eight week long league and play five games per competition night. Each season will have an open qualifier, but a respected amount of teams from each league will remain in their league; dependant on where they place in the previous season. 

ANZ Premier League have been pushing their qualifier through respected PUBG Community Discord’s and have been marketing the event to their social media platforms - although news of this prize pool has yet to be made to the public. 

In a statement provided by a spokesperson for ANZ Premier League, Garry “Kopt” Richards, it states “the goal behind ANZ Premier League is to give the community something that will both help grow the scene and something that the players feel proud playing in. We are excited to launch this league and look forward to accommodating the players competing in our tournament.”

The ANZ Premier League website is set to launch before the season kicks off, which will feature a full breakdown on the progress of the event. If you wish to learn more about the competition, you can do so by joining their Discord.

Alternatively, you can connect with them on Twitter.